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GD'S Heartbreaker face!cover.
I know I'm so late but.
is pretty self-explanatory. ^^; Creativity at its best. Loads of these pictures floating around, really hilarious XD I am dying to see GD's reaction if he ever sees those!

I was carrying around GD's Face xD

Lol-worthy much?

Edit: Am finally back after exams :D yay.

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oh pretty new layout ♥

...ok, someone had way too much time in her hands /laugh.

Am finally back after exams
oh so that's where you were~ good to have you back! (。・ω・)ノ゙

yesss ♥

Lol, I wish I had stuff like this to do when I'm bored. Seems like I always while away my time sleeping or simply daydreaming when I have nothing to do XD

haha yeah. aww /hugs :DD

Oi! daydreaming shouldn't be undervalued by anyone D: it's a great way to kill some time ♥ Haha, but I get what you meant... you know, all you really need is some creativity; and boy bored mind can be cretive ! /insane laugh

Haha! I sure think daydreaming is awesome when I have too much time on my hands, I just meant to say that it's kind of.. fruitless. Lol XD
Oh great, and the exact thing I lack is creativity. hahaha ^^;

/tries sending you some of her creativity

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